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Production Sound Mixer:  Michael Cottrell
310-281-3300                  USA                  www.luckyolsun.com
Commercials - partial list

"Oakland A's Baseball Team"

"General Motors"

"Bush's Beans"





"Twinlabs - 141"

"Amoco Transmissions"

"Rawlings Sports "


"Carta Blanca "

Hub Strategy

Reactor Films

Resolution Pictures

Nicolas Coxe, Producer

Productions 52

Whole Brain Films

Action Figure

Crossroads Films

Backyard Productions

Tailor Made Films

Alta Vista Productions

Alta Vista Productions

DJ O'Neil, Director

Steve Chase, Director

Matt Cohen, Director

Robin Miller, Director

Mara Margaillan , Director

Walter Smith, Director

George Sledge, Producer

Lindsey Lee, Producer

Peter Trucco, Producer

Michelle Tamme, Producer

Terry Lee, Producer

Terry Lee, Producer

Feature Films - partial list

"Wild Seven"

"Mean Creek"

"How Did It Feel?"

"Border Bullet"

"Day of Redemption"

"Ghost Rock"

"Blue Collar Comedy Tour"

"Jesus' Son"

"This Bitter Earth"

"Ghost Town"

"The Salina Incident"

"Max Bigg's Big Break"



"Native Wisdom"

"Training Wheels"

"Level Nine"

"Legend of the Phantom Rider"

Todd Turner, Producer

Hagai Shaham, Producer

Jacob Mosler, Producer

A Aureimma, Producer

Lennis Fike, Producer

Lari Fowler, Producer

Warner Brothers

Evenstar Productions

David Rawlings, Prod.

Faridah Bryant, Prod.

SoonHee Newbold, Prod.

Wow Creative

S Donohue, Producer

J Pellerito, Producer

Terri Pearson, Producer

Carelle Entertainment

Mark Hedley, Producer

Patrick Roddy, Producer

James Hausler, Director

Jacob Estes, Director

Daniel Faraldo, Director

Rob Walker, Director

Tony Christopher, Director

Dustin Rikert, Director

CB Harding, Director

Allison McLean, Director

David Rawlings, Director

Doug Myers, Director

Dustin Rikert, Director

Scott Griessel, Director

Brady Spencer, Director

David Barba, Director

Y. Fernandez, Director

Matt Lagman, Director

Fabrice Benouit, Director

Alex Erkeletian, Director

Television Projects - partial list

"Is She Really Going Out With Him?"

"Renovation Nation - Planet Green"

"Primal Grill"

"Hells Angels"

"Surviving The Future"

"Stunt Junkies"2005/06

"Extreme Home Makeover"

"Mad Mad House"

"Rodeo Road"

"Time Trackers"

"Worst Case Scenario"

"Major League Baseball"


"Gulf War"

"Bug World " [16mm]

"Zero Gravity"

"Stem Cells"


"Denise Austin"

"Project Smoke "

"Hijacked Flight 285"

Audio Supervisor / MTV

Discovery Channel


BBC / Nat Geographic

Wall to Wall - London

Discovery / CBS

ABC / Disney

Sci-Fi Network

VH-1 / Arthur Smith

Discovery Network

Columbia Tri-Star TV

MLB Productions


A & E / Towers Prods

BBC / Discovery

National Geographic TV

BBC - "Horizon"

BBC/Wall to Wall,Ltd.

Lifetime Cable Health



Tommy Calabrese, Producer

Mike Mathis Productions

Matt Cohen, Driector

Sam Bagnall, Producer

Nigel Patterson, Producer

Perry Barndt, Producer

Resa Andrews, Producer

Arthur Smith, Producer

Kent Weed, Producer

Wilson Conebeare, Director

Peter Shore, Director

Steve Fortunato, Producer

Martin Wilson, Producer

Laurens Grant, Producer

Annie Thomas, Producer

Anne Tarrant, Producer

Keith Halden, Producer

Ann Hampsey, Producer

Bill Strohmeier, Producer

Frank Batavick, Producer

NBC, Producers

Clients - partial list





48 Hours

Hard Copy

60 Minutes

Inside Edition

PrimeTime Live

National Geographic





Eye to Eye

The Fox Network

Harpo Productions

The Doctor Phil Show

Good Morning America

Americas Most Wanted



A & E


Travel Channel

Disney Channel

Columbia Tri-Star

Discovery Channel

Lorimar Telepictures

Major League Baseball Prods.

Able to travel anywhere...

References On Request

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