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Equipment List - 1/1/17


Sound Devices 633 - Digital 6 Track

Sound Devices 744t - Digital 4 Track

Zoom H4n, Digital 2 Track


Cooper CS-104

Sound Devices 302

Onyx 820i


Schoeps CMC 641

Schoeps CMIT-5U

Sennheiser MKH 60

Sennheiser MKH 70

AKG SE300B Preamp

AKG CK93 Hyper Capsule

Sanken//Sonotrim/Countryman Lavalieres

EV 635-A & RE-50 Hand Mics


Lectrosonics 411A Recievers

Lectrosobnics SMA Transmitters

Comtek Audio Transmitters

Listentech Audio Monitors



VDB 14' Carbon-fiber Boompole

Loon 9' Carbon-fiber Boompole

Rycote Windshield Systems

Audio Organizer Bags

Time Code

Denecke TS-3 Smartslate

Tentacle Systems Lockits

Sound Cart

Magliner Jr.

Extra Wide Shelves

8" Wheels



7" Color Monitor

7" Portable DVD Player

2.4 GHZ Transmitter

2.4 GHZ Receiver

Power Supplies

Lithium -12V NP-1 Batteries

26A 12V Suitcase

33A 12V Suitcase

Remote Audio 12V BDS

Denecke PS2 48V Phantom Supply


Lots of Customized Cable

Neutrik Connectors

Canare Cable: 100' 50' 25'

Canare: 125' Duplex

Breakaway Cabling

Breakaway Extensions

Additional equipment needs can be met!  Just ask!

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